• Victoria Memorial

    Top 6 Places To Visit In Kolkata

    Kolkata, the metro city of our beautiful country, located on the east bank of Hooghly River, is a place that has many places of attraction which draws in both our countrymen and foreigners alike. One of the busiest metros in our country, Kolkata is also a major tourist attraction spot.

    I happened to spend a week in Kolkata and here I have put together a list of places that I think you shouldn’t miss if you happen to go down there.

    1. Victoria Memorial

    Victoria Memorial

    Photo by PDPics, CC0 1.0

    Victoria Memorial is a huge marble structure build in the memory of Queen Victoria. It took about 15 years to build it and was finally open to the public in the year 1921. It first struck me as quite similar in looks to the Taj Mahal. There are a lot of oil paintings inside, the most popular being of Queen Victoria. The beautiful gardens and ponds give you more than a couple of spots to add on to those selfie collections of yours.

    2. Marble Palace

    Marble Palace

    Photo by Stefan Krasowski, CC BY 2.0

    Marble Palace is at quite within walking distance from the metro station at MG road. This place holds a great collection of arts and artifacts, but I might add, quite random. However, that shouldn’t stop you as the number of sculptures, paintings and artifacts are too many in number. They also have a miniature zoo. Sadly, they do not permit photography.

    3. Howrah Bridge

    Howrah Bridge

    Photo by Manuel Menal, CC BY-SA 2.0

    Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Kolkata must be the Howrah Bridge. For me it is. The picture in my school textbooks came to life for me on that November evening. Also known as the Rabindra Setu, it’s the worlds 6th longest cantilever bridge. Seeing it almost transports you back in time. It’s one of the busiest places in Kolkata. A good idea would be probably to visit this place around sunset, as I believe the setting sun turns this place into a magical world.

    4. St Paul’s Cathedral

    St Paul’s Cathedral

    Photo by Roy debarsi, CC BY-SA 2.0

    It’s a very beautiful cathedral built on a quiet park. The grandeur of this cathedral will hold you in awe. It has a huge hall for mass and its very well maintained. This Cathedral was damaged twice during earthquakes, but was repaired later. Situated opposite to Victoria Memorial, it’s a place where you can probably sit down and gather your thoughts. It has a serene and calm atmosphere. Make a prayer while you are here, you almost feel the presence of a supreme power offering you warmth and protection.

    5. Nicco Park

    Nicco Park

    Photo by Biswarup Ganguly, CC BY-SA 3.0

    Nicco Park is an amusement park, located in the salt lake sector in Kolkata that helped me relax and unwind. It’s one of the oldest and the best amusement park in Kolkata, for good reason they call it the “Disneyland of Kolkata”. My favorite rides were the water shoot and tilter twirl. They also have a huge bowling area and a snow park. People travelling with kids should definitely give this one a try, trust me your kids are going to love this place. Entry fees start from 150 Rs for access to basic few rides to 550 Rs for the complete package including both the water park and the Main Park

    6. South Park Cemetery

    South Park Cemetery

    Photo by bWlrZQ==, CC BY 2.0

    I kept this one for the last for a good reason. The south park cemetery is a non church cemetery. I visited this place because I had numerous stories of how this place is supposedly haunted and I had to visit this place. I never experienced anything, of course, but I visited this in broad daylight, so mind you. Setting aside whatever stories have been told of this place, I must say that this is a very serene place (as most cemeteries are). You might want to try walking under the shade of the trees with the cool breeze blowing against your back. That did give me an eerie feeling, but that’s about it.