• west bengal poverty

    West Bengal’s Safety Concerns

    west bengal poverty

    This picture from West Bengal shows some of the local conditions in this state. Taken by Ahron de Leeuw.

    To the far east of India lies the state of West Bengal, a very confusing name based on its location. Here you can find temperate climates, and a wide array of cultural diversity. The border of India found in West Bengal is shared with Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. The population of Bengal lies somewhere around 91 million inhabitants. Being that the population is so high, there happens to be a lot of criminal activity in this area. This happens to be a huge problem, and needs to be taken care of appropriately. The police force of West Bengal has been taking several measures to ensure the safety of the residents of the area, and anyone else who might be in danger.

    A large concern within the area of West Bengal is prostitution and dangers that exist for women. This is one of the most common states in India regarding crimes against women. There is a large population of prostitutes that consist of Nepalese, Indian, or Bangladeshis found mostly in Kolkata. There are believed to be around 60,000 women that work as prostitutes, whether by choice or force. This is an astounding value, and there is no reason it should be as high as it is. This number needs to be reduced to increase the morality of the city, and to save women from this unfulfilling way of life. This is difficult because of the hidden and secretive operations, but is slowly being uncovered thanks to the police men found in West Bengal.

    Pocket-picking, stealing, and false sales are also among some of the problems that are occurring in West Bengal. The level of respect individuals have for each others property ceases to exist. Since the poverty rate is low in this region, people turn to unwholesome activities to try and survive. When visitors, mainly tourists, visit this area, they should pay close attention to always keep their stuff with them at all times. If they do leave their stuff somewhere, it should always be somewhere safe and locked. This could be a hotel room, or storage locker. Tourists should always feel safe, but in West Bengal, this is not the current case.

    The police force in West Bengal consists of about 7,000 men working throughout the area. There are two divisions which run as separate units. One is the West Bengal Police, and the other work for the capital city, Kolkata. These men work hard to keep the area safe, but unfortunately have lacking technology and organization to keep them from working to the best of their ability. There are recent advances being made which have helped, but more needs to be done to help fight the still high crime numbers. Some of these include making advances in training and incorporating more technological services when fighting crime.

    india police organization

    This sign was posted to contact police if an incident occurs. This shows the lack of availability and organization still found in West Bengal. Taken by Sean Ellis.

    Crime is something that needs to be fought all across the globe, but the problems in West Bengal, India need to be addressed. This is crucial for the better futures of females, the general public, and tourists in the area. The police force is starting to make changes for the better and increase in efficiency and function, to help more when possible. Their organization is also increasing, and gaining stronger force among the people. Hopefully this helps to take baby steps towards the goal of having a peaceful and safe state of India for everyone.