• Crimes Against Women In West Bengali

    Although I’m not a native of India, I’m not naïve and I know that no nation on the planet is devoid of any individual type of crime, even in one of the most progressive nations on the planet. Since I come from a single parent home, and I was raised by my mother and have had no real positive male role models in my life, I have had a certain extra awareness toward the mistreatment of women. Being that the population is so high, there happens to be a lot of criminal activity crime in this area. The countries of the world all seem to handle crimes against women differently, with varying levels of misogyny being a factor. Thankfully some nations, such as India (among others such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and many but not all of the states in the United States of America), have been quite progressive in terms of pursuing proper justice for the victims while still protecting the rights of the accused, at least in the interest of protecting the innocent and wrongly accused. For West Bengali (in the Eastern sector of India), crimes against women are higher there (per capita) than anywhere else in the nation.


    I know I’m not alone when I say that men who would victimize and assault women and children deserve every meal to be nothing more than bread and water! © Carl Malamud.

    Thankfully, though crimes against women in West Bengali are higher than the rest of India, they have been on the decline. When you actually crunch the numbers it starts to feel more reassuring at least. In 2012, the crimes against women were estimated to be just below 31,000 that year and in 2013 the census estimated them to be just under 30,000. Now hopefully, after 2014 is over, the numbers will be under 29,000.


    Here we see a member of a Forensic Scene Investigation team photographing a crime scene to identify and examine evidence. Certainly not as dramatic as an episode of CSI but it’s comforting to see that criminals have serious work ahead of them if they want to get away with anything! © West Midlands Police.

    It’s not lost on the people of West Bengali that the current chief minister of the state, Mamata Banerjee, had ran with the slogan “’Ma, Mati, Manush” which translates in English to mother, earth and mankind. But despite the fact that West Bengali has still been at the top of the nation’s listing for crimes against women, heinous crimes (such as rape) have gone down by almost 400 incidents since last year. I’m hopeful for the future, but I’m still realistic and understand that crime will never fully disappear.


    The amenities of modern prisons are far more humane than they once were but I’d say they should do nothing more than the bare minimum for preserving the survival of these people who don’t deserve to live in civilized society… © Krystian Olszanski.